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We Are Innovative Startup Company

Scapfitt is the innovative startup with a bull’s eye vision whose only ambition is to serve our nation folks with a GO Green Environment. We are creative organization that promotes citizens with the facility to sell their garbage and pay online/cash directly to the vendor. We offer the best way for people to sell their garbage to businesses, organizations, homes, and schools at their doorstep.

We Have Worldwide Business

Scrapfitt: A new way to buy, sell and trade in the scrap industry!

Scrapfitt is a revolutionary platform that allows buyers and sellers from India to connect directly, check prices online, exchange documents securely and confidentially, and make deals happen faster and more efficiently.
With Scrapfitt, sellers and buyers manage their profiles and membership info, read product and seller reviews, conduct direct trades and leave feedback. All these features are made simple, with easy access, available through Android application. Overall, the platform allows for transparency and efficiency in the buying and selling process, eliminating communication barriers and simplifying the process.

We Have Worldwide Business

Every day we encounter hundreds of recyclable scrap items. By recycling properly, we help materials get to their next best use, which in turn saves tons upon tons of raw material, time, energy and expense.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Scrapfitt customer support family provides the 24/7 dedicated services. We maintain the quality of our services by providing 99% reliable solutions to customer's queries.

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Traditional scrap vendors work with us to provide a reliable service. Scrapfitt's web and Android application give you easy access to sell your scrap...

Tons of Features

1. Book orders by Web or Android application

2. Verified Pickup boy

3. Saves Time

4. Contributes to Environment

5. Helps to Nation

.... and many more

Day Night Support

Provides 24/7 dedicated customer support

Scrapfitt towards EnvironmentWorking Hard to save more

Trees Saved


Energy Saved


Water Saved


Oil Saved


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All kinds of Papers, Plastic, Metal

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Safe and Fast pickup with verified vendors

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